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Homeowners Insurance


For many of us, our home represents our single most valuable asset. But more than that, our home is where the heart is. It shelters our loved ones, houses our valuables and is filled with years of memories.

Are the coverages on your home adequate in the event of a loss? Trust the insurance on your home to someone who will spend the time and understand your specific needs.

Automobile Insurance


Driving in a rural environment today is less an option and more a necessity. We are a mobile society and we rely on our vehicles to get us to work, to school, to shopping or simply for pleasure. Do you fully understand your risk and responsibility every time you turn that key?

Today’s driver will encounter unforeseen risks that in earlier decades couldn’t have been imagined. Your automobile policy is a tool to protect you from those unforeseen risks. Each element in that policy has a unique role and fully understood provides peace of mind.

Contact Us at Gate City Insurance, we will spend the time to ensure you understand your policy.

Personal Umbrella


As the name implies, umbrella insurance works with your other insurance products. It is designed to provide additional liability protection above and beyond the existing limits on your homeowner, auto and watercraft personal insurance policies. In todays overly litigious society, does your current policy limits provide enough protection? Contact Us at Gate City Insurance to review your coverage.